Ms. Page’s client, a serial sex offender who escaped custody and broke into a Toronto librarian’s home, sexually assaulting her at knifepoint, was spared from being declared a dangerous offender.

With over 20 previous convictions for serious sexual offences, the Crown brought an Application to have Ms. Page’s client designated a “Dangerous Offender”. The most severe sentence available under the Criminal Code of Canada, such an offender is sent to the penitentiary for an indefinite period of time. The Judge accepted Ms. Page’s submissions that the lesser sentence of a 10-year “long-term supervision order” would adequately protect the public.

Alana Page’s client had been convicted of numerous serious sexual offences over a 16-year period, including aggravated sexual assault, robbery and forcible confinement.


By: Peter Small
First Posted: Saturday May 31, 2008
Source: Toronto Star
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A serial rapist who escaped custody and broke into a Toronto librarian’s home, sexually assaulting her at knifepoint, has been spared from being declared a dangerous offender.

Instead, Ontario Superior Court Justice Arthur Gans sentenced Richard Lavallee to 14 years in prison, followed by 10 years of close supervision as a “long-term offender.”

Lavallee, 52, suffers from a psychosexual disorder and has raped seven women, mainly older than him at the time. But he can be controlled in the community provided he gets treatment and close supervision, the judge said.

He has been seen by 21 psychologists or psychiatrists in six institutions over 18 years. He has 40 criminal convictions and has spent more than half his life in jail.

In 1995, he escaped from custody a third time and broke into the 42-year-old librarian’s home in east Toronto. He threatened her with a knife and attempted to have sexual intercourse, leaving her cut and bruised. He was only arrested on this sexual assault in 2005 after his DNA was matched to blood in her car, which he stole.

But his behaviour over the past 10 years has improved and his advancing years appear to be diminishing his criminal urges, the judge said.

Crown prosecutor Mary Humphrey argued he should be declared a dangerous offender, calling him a sexual sadist who has manipulated the system and cannot be controlled outside jail.

Defence lawyer Alana Page suggested a sentence of six to eight years and the 10-year long-term offender designation.

Lavallee was born in Montreal to an emotionally absent mother who suffered from depression and a father who had to quit the police force after he lost the mobility of his arms in an accident.

His parents split and, when he was 13, his father abducted him at gunpoint to force his mother to reconcile. Police reportedly did not charge him because he was a former police officer descended from a police chief, Gans said.

Lavallee blamed his mother for the marriage breakup. He quit school, started doing drugs and break and enters. He married in 1977. When his wife was pregnant with their second child he raped five women at knifepoint over four months. He was caught and sentenced to 16 years.

In 1982, he pleaded guilty to a sixth rape, committed while he had escaped from custody.